Welcome to the official site for the Sunset to Sunrise Relay, a one of a kind relay event, and Florida’s original long distance relay.

Stretching 180 miles, teams will race from the beautiful Lakes Regional Park in Ft Myers on the Gulf Coast to the picturesque setting of Jensen Beach Causeway Park in Jensen Beach on the Atlantic Coast. There you will not only  be greeted by the finish line, but by our legendary after party on the beach as well!

Relay Format=

Our relay format is a little bit different than your typical long distance relay.

The 180 mile course is broken up into 36 legs of varying distances, but we leave a lot of flexibility to the teams in how they accomplish this feat.

Full Squad – 7 to 12 Team Members

Most teams opt to form a Full Squad, because hey more people equals less miles!  On a full squad each team member must run at least 3 legs of the race. With 12 members everyone will run exactly three times, with fewer runners some members will be running more legs. How you set your runner rotations is up to you. Having runners do consecutive legs of the race is okay, the only “rule” is every must run three legs of the race, and all 36 legs must be ran in order to finish.

Ultra Squad – 2 to 6 Team Members

Same setup as the full squad except with fewer team members. Everyone must run at least 6 legs of the race, and teams with fewer runners  means those runners will need to run more legs in order to finish all 36. Again how you set your runner rotation is up to you

We’ve found that allowing you to set your own runner rotation, and not forcing the same rotation throughout the race allows for “maximum strategery”.

New to Distance Relays?


If you’re new to the whole “relay thing” we suggest you start here: Distance Relays 101. Its a nice primer on what you are getting yourself into can expect on this wild adventure!